Advanced django forms

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CAP! =)

For employer: Good. Fast. Cheap.

For employee: High-paid. Interesting. Easy.

Pick two!

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Programming without ifs. Challenge one in python.

Sometimes I think about programming without ifs

I have found great blog about it here.

And here is my solution for first challenge implemented in python.  

Python and Singleton.

Never use singleton in python!

You can use instead of it Borg Pattern.

Also you can just use module instead of class. :)

Last 5 months..

..I was working on new russian social network - Vrublevku..

New cool service!

I found new cool service - 

This is very, very original! ) 

Check it out!

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Lady Java. 

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SICP. Lecture 2A. Higher-order procedures. 

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SICP. Exercise 1.8

Task: Newton’s method for cube roots is based on the fact that if y is an approximation to the cube root of x, then a better approximation is given by the value

Use this formula to implement a cube-root procedure analogous to the square-root procedure. 

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